History of Preston Scheffenacker Properties

Family and Tree

For over 20 years, Preston Scheffenacker Properties has been directly involved in the development of real estate totaling over 15 million square feet and valued at more than $800 million.

The family business has thrived in residential construction and land development for more than a century based on a foundation built on trust, quality, and vision.

Preston Scheffenacker, our founder, used his $500 severance pay from the army to purchase his first home in Baltimore after being discharged in 1867. Baltimore quickly became home to Scheffenacker, and he married and started a family. Scheffenacker generated his first real estate profit by renting out additional space and beds in his home.  He then parlayed his earnings into more ambitious real estate housing, residential construction, and land development throughout Maryland.in that first home, which witnessed the growth of his family and the beginnings of a legacy in real estate that thrives today.